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Not all IT companies operate the same. For us, we deliver professional standards that exceed expectation. F3 offers IT services and support in:


  • Onsite Consulting

  • Electronic Security

  • IT Services & IT Project Management

  • Restaurant Management Consulting

  • Network Management & Implementation

  • Computer, Networking & Programming Assertions

  • POS Systems, Workflows & Equipment

  • VoIP Phone Systems

  • ISP Cellular Failover
    – Future-proof your business for today and beyond

  • Compliant Networks

  • SaaS Design & Implementation

  • Membership Services, Subscriptions & Discounts

  • Help Desk Ticketing

  • WiFi Configuration

  • Internet Backup

F3 IT Services &
IT Project Management

IT Strategy and expertise in making your business as efficient as possible. We work with our technology partners in the leading cloud-based space to safeguard your operational requirements.


  • Employee & Guest Wi-Fi Configuration

  • Anti-Virus Implementation

  • Low Voltage Placement & Installation

  • Cables – Termination, Tone-out, Run, Organize/Re-organize

  • Help Desk Ticketing, Tier 2

  • Troubleshooting

  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems

  • Printer & Paper Services



Technology means different things to everyone, especially businesses. We know that information technology is how we thrive in this modern world, especially after a global pandemic. We have a wide range of services because as your company grows, so do we. Our services are constantly expanding to maintain our ethos of helping small to mid-market businesses stay competitive along larger market contenders.

Shop Essential Items

Finding resources for fundamental items can be troublesome, especially when you need them right away. We work with vendors around the country to ensure your basic items are on-hand and readily available. We offer affordable membership services to get the most out of your budget.

Membership Services

We offer discounts in various services when you become a member with F3 Technologies, Inc. Our rates are affordable and proportionate to your business. We offer bundle-packaged services that increase your business’ savings and even offer discounts for new customer referrals! We like to make sure we give back to our customers, not just in superior service, but in loyalty rewards where our members feel valued, knowing their systems are in great hands. Contact us for information today!

Onsite Consulting

We love what we do and we offer onsite consulting to ensure your IT needs are met and thriving.


  • Site survey, Pre-Installation, Installation, Pre-Live, Go-Live, & Post-Live Services

  • Training & Training-Support for Managers & Staff

  • Set up & Configuration

  • Operational Set-Up

Help Desk Services

Access to our trained technicians via multiple ways of communication.


  • 24/7 U.S. Based Support

  • Network services

  • Internet Back-Up

  • All issues tracked and ticketed. 

  • Notifications of any issues right to your mobile phone.

Restaurant Management Consulting

Managing and operating a successful restaurant, or bar requires a solid understanding of what happens behind the scenes. F3 was born in the retail and restaurant management field and knows exactly what you need to make sure your establishment succeeds.


  • Inventory Management

  • Labor Costs

  • Tier Scheduling

  • Day-to-day Operation

  • POS Systems Menu Cleanup & Builds

  • Menu Planning & Printing

  • Food Cost Analysis

  • P&L Sheets

Network Management & Implementation

Having a solid network that operates seamlessly is what we do, and if help is needed, we’re on top of it. Let us give you the most secure and automated network out there.


  • Network Maintenance

  • Hard Wired Networking Equipment

  • Network Line Cleanup & Documentation

  • Automation & Process Creation

  • Cloud Storage

  • Data Backup

  • Email Hosting

Ready to Make Your Business More Effective?

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