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About Us

F3 Technologies, Inc. was born out of passion and necessity. During the tumultuous year that was 2020, F3 Technologies, Inc. heard its calling and delivered non-stop, state-of-the-art enterprise technology through commitment, hard work, and integrity. We took our expertise in IT strategy, operations and infrastructure, and made 2020 work for our clients, becoming the full-service information technology consulting firm we are today.


Our ability to implement and automate IT business needs in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment is where we shine. We understand that not everyone can make sense out of their IT needs, so we took our love for technology and created F3 Technologies, Inc. to make the IT world a better and more automated place.


From onsite consulting, to electronic security, network design, implementation, and maintenance, to data-driven SaaS design and implementation, we focus on evolution and end-user experience. Building unique digital products, network platforms, and 24/7 services—F3 Technologies, Inc. understands what your business requires from back-end operational support, to front-end user experience.


With a national team of field technicians spanning the U.S., and an international presence in Canada, F3 Technologies’ footprint grows by the week—something we are extremely proud of. Most people see technology as a means to an end. For us, it’s just the beginning.

The F3 Mission

F3 Technologies, Inc. delivers the highest quality in Information Technology (IT) management, services and infrastructure. Our mission is to make IT services and deployment straight forward, affordable, and transparent.


F3’s Vision

Through passion, commitment and superior service, F3 Technologies, Inc. will be the premier provider of IT services and management for any and all organizational needs.


F3’s Core Values

We know that information technology is how we thrive in in this modern world, especially after a global pandemic. Not all IT companies operate the same. For us, we stand on a foundation of values that made F3 Technologies, Inc. what it is today. Each one of our members represent our core beliefs—without our values, we couldn’t do the awesome job we do, each and every day.


Integrity, Innovation, Commitment, Efficiency, and Transparency, values we bring to the marketplace to ensure the best-in-class IT services. All of which, make F3 Technologies, Inc. stand out amongst giants.


Integrity: We believe in doing what’s right, honest, and ethical—working to find solutions that make sense for your company.


Innovation: Technology innovation is what makes us F3 Technologies, Inc. We believe in driving innovation through unconventional ideas—if we don’t try, we’ll never know how we can change the modern world.


Commitment: Our commitment is simple—we dedicate ourselves to you. We are here to give you the best in IT services so your company thrives.


Efficiency: We utilize dynamic procedures in every aspect of our mission to ensure the best services possible, while not wasting time and resources.


Transparency: We believe in authentic and open communication. There is no guessing how we operate, or where our work stands. Our management team effectively communicates throughout our entire process, leaving no room for guessing or misunderstanding.

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